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This is probably the best way to initiate doing something here. 

After all, this is a private organization and while we fully intend to have workshops and such to engage others, it will be at specific times of the year - we are not a museum or a public garden. 

However, if you have an interest and are in the area, there is a good chance we can arrange an opportunity to meet and discuss the different things we are working on. 

Above all, please remember that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS kind of thing.  We still have a lot of RAW space in various states of conversion, projects indoors and out that are in stages of finishing as well - meaning that things change around hear as needed.

Lastly, lets never forget a strong desire to "keep the lights on" by handling various consultation and design jobs that allow for all this to happen.

321 second st

333 second st

Box 321
greensboro, pa 15338

phone: +1 724 780 3335
fax: ehh, so 70's - wastes paper too!

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321 2nd St