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more stuff to shake a stick at

Thought it would be a good idea to replace our starting page with what is actually happening here as well as what is planned to happen.  You can still read more about our background and such on the side bar, and more pages are being added as we can find the time, so bear with us over the winter months.

The list below came as a pleasant surprise, since I think we all kind of bemoan at times how little we feel we have accomplished.   So it was nice for it to be obvious that so much has already been done.

Beside the Category/Goal breakdown there is a status column showing things that are:
  • Completed - once they are done, they are done
  • In Process - something ongoing and ideally continuing, like breathing.
  • Planned - stuff we plan on doing (really!)
  • Out of Scope - while we may mention it to show an understanding, it may simply not be possible for us (but you could try!)
  • N/A - the ol' Not Applicable for those "Convert 100 Acres to a Sustainable Water park" type things to do.
Finally, the Comment column which is there to provide a little more information and well at times, commentary!

To these ends, the following is a list of sorts of things being done, in process and planned.

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Composting Animal Manure Composting In Process Mixing and using Alpaca/Llama/Sheep Manure 
Composting Bokashi Methods Planned did some of our own approaches this summer with good results 
Composting Compost Tea In Process the plants really like this - good for indoor use 
Composting Recycle food, garden and green waste  In Process This year worked really well 
Composting Vermicomposting Planned  
Energy Conservation Alternative Insulative Window Glazing Planned getting rid of our single panes windows in the Sanctuary will be a HUGE energy saver 
Energy Conservation Blinds and Essential Sun Blocking In Process working towards more passive approaches such as extended eaves and living screens 
Energy Conservation Convection Cooling In Process removed the Central Air 3 years ago - down to a single window AC unit upstairs 
Energy Conservation Conversion to fluorescent bulbs Completed one of the easiest things to do (only a few specialty outlets remain) 
Energy Conservation Convert Electric Providers to Renewables Completed until we generate our own this will be the best choice 
Energy Conservation Daylighting In Process the natural preference - personally, I don't care for artifical light 
Energy Conservation Dressing for the season In Process dressing in layers may be slightly averse to the bikini crowd 
Energy Conservation Energy Efficient Refrigerator Completed  
Energy Conservation Front Loading Washing Machine Completed using cold water too! 
Energy Conservation Geo Thermal Water Storage Planned  
Energy Conservation Green Roof Technology Planned Our flat roof is more than rated for this type of installation - designs are being considered 
Energy Conservation Hand Washing (Dishes) In Process speaks for itself 
Energy Conservation Hot Water switch to electric In Process Sources are renewable, upstairs location and insulation reduces heat loss 
Energy Conservation Hot Water Tank Insulation In Process  
Energy Conservation Hot Water Tank Pre-warmer In Process room temperature stored prestorage tank 
Energy Conservation Human Powered Appliances In Process Can Openers, Food Processor, but no Gilligan Island Blender 
Energy Conservation Less Grass In Process Reduction of lawns and increased usage to flowering/edible plant life is simply smarter use of our resources 
Energy Conservation Line Drying Clothes Planned prefer a solar closet for year round use 
Energy Conservation Living Screens In Process Perfect seasonal sun blockage - adding more each year 
Energy Conservation Masonry Heating Planned conversion of our central heater to masonry and radiant heat 
Energy Conservation Oil Lamps & Soy/Beeswax Candles Planned limited uses only  
Energy Conservation Powering Down In Process easiest way - been doing it for years 
Energy Conservation Relocated Water Heater (onto living area floor) In Process seems warmer than the basement! 
Energy Conservation Short Run Hot Water In Process Fifteen (15) feet to the farthest outlet, means less wasted energy 
Energy Conservation Solar Attic Fan Planned  
Energy Conservation Solar Heat Exchange Planned currently completeing sourceing issues 
Energy Conservation Solar Shower Planned a perfect ancillary usage with the other passive systems 
Energy Conservation Solar Tube Lighting Planned leaning towards the plastic bottle approach for higher efficiency 
Energy Conservation Wood Floors In Process  
Energy Conservation Wood Stove with Heat Recovery System/Integrated Masonry Planned screw the nostalgia, this is your best approach overall 
Food Decisions Buying in bulk In Process One of the reasons the freezer is helpful 
Food Decisions Fair Trade Concepts In Process KNOWING why you purchase products from different places is the difference 
Food Decisions Local Produce In Process every chance  
Food Decisions Organic Only Planned currently do some, always need to expand 
Food Decisions Reducing "food miles" In Process shopping with neighbors and no impulse trips 
Food & Garden Companion Planting In Process Each year gets a little better 
Food & Garden Grow/Consume 90% of Harvest In Process currently limited to only peppers, onions, potatoes 
Food & Garden Intensive Growing Methods In Process focus on container gardening  
Food & Garden Polyculture/intercropping In Process  
Food & Garden Reduce chemical fertilizers and monthly feeding regimes In Process Nature doesn't need to work that hard - if it does, it doesn't belong there 
Food & Garden Seed Saving In Process Wildflower and Heritage Vegetables 
Food Preservation Bread Making Planned need to get back to this (no pun intended) 
Food Preservation Brewing/Fermenting Not In Scope currently have neighbors and relations practicing this for us 
Food Preservation Canning  In Process won't be much this year, last year was a nice run though 
Food Preservation Cheese, Butter & Yogurt Planned working with farm affiliates now 
Food Preservation Drying/Dehydrating Planned Working on a Solar Dehydrator design over the winter 
Food Preservation Freezing In Process next best invention after the root cellar 
Food Preservation Root Cellar In Process started small with basic items - building a larger storage area over the winter months 
Food Preservation Scratch Making Planned it will be awhile until the kitchen area is redone 
Heathy Soil/Planting Methods Integral Pest Management Planned moving to organics management 
Heathy Soil/Planting Methods Polyculture Planned a more intensive form of companion planting 
Heathy Soil/Planting Methods Remineralization Planned god knows we need it around here 
Heathy Soil/Planting Methods Self Irrigating Planters (SIPs) In Process  
Heathy Soil/Planting Methods Square Inch Planting Planned a step up from the Square Foot planting but similar in using EVERY SQUARE INCH 
Heathy Soil/Planting Methods Successive Sowing Planned when we move to more land management 
Home Economy Front Porch Farm Stand Planned sell your surplus 
Home Economy Hand Crafts and other low impact manufactured goods In Process basket hangers, garden boxes and dog biscuits  
Local Activism & Community Adopt a Senior - sorta In Process there are probably many seniors around you that would benefit from an extra hand every now and then, offer one 
Local Activism & Community Advocate Transparency and Accountability in local Government In Process sadly, this may never be completed - but we will get there 
Local Activism & Community Educational Outreach In Process it is either ignorance or arrogance that reduces our chance for change - by getting the information out, the rest speaks for itself 
Local Activism & Community Good Neighbor In Process this is a job that is never completed 
Local Activism & Community Information Dissemination In Process this will be expanded as workshops are developed in 2012 
Local Activism & Community Participate in Local Government In Process Elected Borough Councl 2010 
Local Activism & Community Promote the Creative Class Paradigm In Process the more creative thinkers we have in a community the better 
Local Activism & Community Provide support for local non-profits In Process Small non-profits always benefit from more hands and leaders in the fray (than less) 
Local Activism & Community Save an Historical Building Completed there will be others, but for now worked to save a 105 yr old building from dismantling 
Local Activism & Community Support a Neighborhood Watch (not a Neo-Fascist Movement) In Process There is a difference in watching OUT for your neighbors rather than WATCHING THEM. Best to avoid it from the start. 
Mini Farm - Beekeeping Integrated House/Hive Planned People Friendly Italian Bee Strain 
Mini Farm - Beekeeping Unfiltered, Unheated, Hand Extraction Planned  
Mini Farm - Livestock Chickens (eggs/manure) Planned  
Mini Farm - Livestock Ducks (eggs/manure) Planned  
Mini Farm - Livestock Dwarf Rabbits (manure) Planned  
Mini Farm - Livestock Pygmy Goats (milk/manure) Not In Scope maybe but not right now 
Recycling and Repurpose Cardboard, Aluminum and Plastic In Process  
Recycling and Repurpose Repurposed over 70% of building materials Completed the deconstruction of parts of the church class rooms provided reusable wood studs. Other scrap was stored and cut for wood stove burning. 
Recycling and Repurpose Reuse Packing Material In Process All boxes and packing material are reused whenever possible 
Simpler Living Bartering In Process  
Simpler Living Computer Upgrades In Process look into Linux based system and recharge your 3yr old computer 
Simpler Living Day of Rest In Process turn off, tune out - there will ALWAYS be something to do 
Simpler Living Early Riser In Process Huge Productivity Gain  
Simpler Living Flex Hours Not In Scope for those commuting - stay later and save yourself the frustration. For the Power Commuters re-evaluate the benefits 
Simpler Living Home Herbal Remedies In Process looking for more but only when needed 
Simpler Living Homemade Soaps In Process  
Simpler Living Home Schooling Not In Scope no children under feet here but a practice that needs to be brougt in focus given the state of education these past few decades 
Simpler Living Limited to No Makeup - Natural In Process  
Simpler Living Limit TV, no cable In Process here it is Netflix and the Net - best part is there are no commercials telling me how much better my life would be if I bought something ELSE 
Simpler Living Local Socials Planned local entertainment needs to be developed 
Simpler Living Mend or Repair  In Process it is easier than many think 
Simpler Living Natural Health Practices In Process lots of great books to read 
Simpler Living Salvage & Thrift Stores In Process bargains galore - we have friends that seem to do it competitively 
Simpler Living Vice Reduction In Process sad truth is our vices cost us money, drama, family and our health - less is more 
Simpler Living Window Herb Garden In Process working to help others have this  
Skills, Crafts and Self-Sufficiency Auto & Bike Repair In Process it is the simple stuff that ends up costing the most if others do it - learn and save 
Skills, Crafts and Self-Sufficiency Basic Electricial Skills In Process taking my time with this but everyone should understand basics of safe switch/outlet services 
Skills, Crafts and Self-Sufficiency Carpentry In Process tools, tools, tools 
Skills, Crafts and Self-Sufficiency Computer Skills In Process  
Skills, Crafts and Self-Sufficiency Online Sales In Process selling supplies, surplus, and consigned goods over the Internet 
Skills, Crafts and Self-Sufficiency Online Trade & Service In Process many services can be done completely over the Internet - no commuting and flex hours - consider graphic arts, web design, even call centers support telecommuting (skip that last one) 
Skills, Crafts and Self-Sufficiency Sewing & Fibre Craft In Process limited to sewing but moving more into binding, and net making. Rug makers, crochet, kniting are all in scope 
Skills, Crafts and Self-Sufficiency Survival Skills In Process most any military field guide - grab the SAS handbook and jump out an airplane with a pocket knife! 
Transporation Alternate Fuel Source (BioDiesel) Planned looking at a few likely prospects - probably 2013 project 
Transporation High Economy Vehicle Planned my 77 Pickup is the antithesis of everything being done 
Transportation Car Pooling In Process Almost always when shopping, or when work related 
Transportation No Impulse Driving In Process milk and sugar are allowed if not for better planning 
Transportation Public Transportation N/A We don't have it - but if you do, please use it when possible 
Transportation Walking & Biking In Process always could use more of this 
Water Conservation Bottom Water Bed Irrigation Planned our approaches to SIPs provide much of this - larger areas better use this approach 
Water Conservation Claypot Irrigation Planned expanding our rain barrels into smaller reserve feeders 
Water Conservation Food Not Grass In Process raised beds, wildflowers, and alternative landscaping 
Water Conservation Grey Water Reuse (Irrigation) Planned working out some designs that complement our regional best practices 
Water Conservation Landscaping/Garden watering with Rain Barel  In Process  
Water Conservation Low Flush Toilets Planned currently using the BRICK and YELLOW MELLOW method 
Water Conservation Native Drought Resistant Plants  In Process looking to expand our Wildlife Garden 
Water Conservation Native Wildlife Garden - Certified Completed looking to expand best practices into other areas on the property 
Water Conservation Rain Water Barrels In Process 100% Garden Watering 
Water Conservation Rain Water Harvest Planned combination water capture and landscaping feature for potable water, geothermal storage/recovery and native plantlife 
Water Conservation Toilet Lid Sink Not In Scope Curious solution to sink water reuse 
Showing 122 items