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Vocational programming

In addition to a number of things that we're working on in re-purposing this building; we need to remind people that we also have a component of our mission statement that is designed to provide support in educational and special needs programming with materials and techniques that support our low impact commitment.

If you or an organization that you are affiliated with would be interested in some of our vocational programming services, feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs. There is no doubt that there would be an opportunity to provide some level of programming for your organizations needs.

Currently, we can provide an organization with any number of the following programming skill kits:
  • birdhouse kits made of solid cedar
  • planter boxes
  • raised garden beds
  • rope plant hangers
additionally, were developing additional areas that deal with up cycling a number of recyclable goods. Specifically we're focused in areas of the higher consumables such as paper and glass. Some of the pilot projects we are looking to initiate are below:
  • Paper pulping for art paper
  • papier-mâché kits for school systems
  • gardening materials from mixed crushed glass
  • recycled material art

In the educational arena, would be happy to assist in working to develop any type of interactive learning device that we can construct out of common everyday materials with an eye towards sustainable woods and other recycled material.

After all, we feel that a large part of what we learn through doing, has little value if that experience isn't shared with others.